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Anonymous asked: What are you going to college for, like your major/minor?

Public relations with a concentration in event planning & fashion. As of now.

Anonymous asked: Do you know of any business card companies that create nice business cards for a fair price? I'm trying to find some and I figured I ask you since you're a photographer and probably have ordered ones before. Thanks in advance.! They’re not extremely cheap, but the quality is amazing & their designs that you can mess with are awesome.

Anonymous asked: What are the best ways to get photo passes and to get your photos noticed by people?

Shoot local shows & don’t be an asshole. Best way to get photo passes is to have backing, I.e portfolio, website, publication you work for. The only way you can honestly get passes is to have a legitimate reason to have it. And to share it, just post it. On everything. Everywhere. Share it with the bands, tag them. If you have their email, send it to them.

Anonymous asked: Hi my daughter is a great fan of Andy and black veil brides,is there and way that you could make a birthday card of the 2013 photo you have of him.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by this. But feel free to use the photo for a birthday card for her!!

Anonymous asked: Hi Alyssa, I want to start taking pictures at concerts and i was wondering what type of camera you recommend and what settings (shutter, ISO, flash, etc) are best to use for concerts. Thanks!

first off get a canon, they’re known for better low light performance (aka concerts).. shutter/iso & f stop all depend on the show, you just have to work with what you got. its best to get a f stop as big as possible, 2.0-3.0 for when its an indoor show. don’t use flash.. takes away from most ¬†intimate settings at shows. i mainly shoot with a t3i or 60d, but if you have the money to spend look into a 6d or 5d mark 2 or 3..

Anonymous asked: You are so damn beautiful and gorgeous and just good god you are an angel.

thank you!! x